Things That Are Overall Not That Interesting

A few things coming up with Circus No. 9, the Bryan Sutton Band, Will Cassell, and Tellico.  Despite the title, these are exciting to me -- I hope it's the same for you. 

July 12-21 / Circus No. 9 Summer Tour Vol. 2
Headed out this Thursday (6/12) for the second portion of Circus No. 9's summer tour.  On this run we'll be hitting Lynchburg in VA, State College and Carlisle in PA, Frankfort IL, Knoxville and Nashville in TN.  Check the dates at  Gonna be a hot one (both musically and atmospherically). 

Aug 4 / Tellico in Verona, VA
I'll be filling in on mandolin with the great Asheville band Tellico, at their Verona, VA show at the Oak Grove Theater.  Tickets can be purchased here:  You can also check out Tellico's music here:

Aug 11 / Will Cassell Band in St. Paul, VA
Hometown gig with my own brother.  Should be a fun (and hot, but mostly fun) one!  Free outdoor festival, you can read about it here:  ttps://

Aug 18 / Bryan Sutton Band in Pomeroy, OH
This one is exciting.  I'll be filling in with the Bryan Sutton Band at Jorma Kaukonen's ranch in Ohio.  This one is sold out, but if you were lucky enough to grab a ticket, and also somehow stumbled onto my website, I'll see you there.  

Aug 25 / Circus No. 9 in Charlotte, NC
Circus No. 9 is back in tour mode at the U.S. Whitewater Center in Charlotte.

That's all the news we have today.  Back to your regular programming.